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Your Words Or Mine – The Essence Remains The Same

Translation now has taken a new form altogether and that would be seen at the “Royal Institute of British Architects”. At the ceremony both the author and the respective translator would be awarded £10,000 by imminent panelists for professional translation services.
Sources with translation news say the highest ranking (20) for such work of art was given to the famous book by Leo Tolstoy “ War and Peace”. Gabriel Garcia Marquez scored a ranking of 32 with “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. However the icing on the cake went to Tolkien’s professional translation of the famous “Lord of the Rings”, a masterpiece as translation updates say is in various other languages across the globe as well, and not only in the European continent.
Wondering how professional translation services work? For that you should be at the venue (LRDB BOOKSHOP, JUNE 19TH 2011), to understand more on translation decorum and the way it gets applied on a real time basis. At the venue, along with translation updates, one would have Indy Foreign Fiction Prize winner, Daniel Hahn along with Mike Mitchell and Shaun Whiteside, showing their skills by converting texts of a German monologue, written by Daniel Kehlmann, live.
Professional translation experts say the only book to have been translated to the highest counts till date has been the BIBLE. Around 6800 languages, which means more than ninety percent of the world reads the Bible in a language they are not only fluent with, but comfortably understand as well. translation updates also declares the Mao Zedong works as the second most translated work in this world. But let us not forget that Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” rides very close to reach the number two position in translation services, followed by Harry Potter and Agatha Christie.
translation updates also inform us that Steig Larsson has been a rage across UK in the recent times with the Millennium Trilogy 30 million copies across the globe and still counting, the Swedish authors couldn’t have asked for more. Henning Mankell the author of “Kurt Wallander” has 37 languages in the translation kitty for his book.
Professional translation experts say it was in 1932 when the INDEX TRANSLATIONUM was established as a database for conversion services and post the second world war, the UNESCO took charge and runs the database successfully till date. Very rarely would the rankings differ from then and now, but in april 2008, Shakespeare’s work did override the rankings of Lenin and later was over taken by the famous Enid Blyton. As they say, every thing changes, and change is the only constant thing, so would be the same with translation services.

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