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World’s First Tool-Independent Translation Memory Management System

Good news for one and all by the translation news team for now we have the TM Repository which is an effective translator and memory manger which would enable the usage of translations the world over for customers who wish to translate from one language to another. Any tool which allow and backs up the TMX format can use the TM Repository. You can now customize the features and strategies meant for your organizations gains and get the operations for the same optimized as well, says translations experts.
TM Repository is the answer that most companies are looking for or were looking for. Translation news experts swear by the cost effectiveness of this product and one can only wonder how much of money and time the company would save, where that same would be used up otherwise using professional translations services. Hence sources from the world of business say that the TM Repository is now a boon and more companies and organizations, big and small must think of using translations services and translations updates it provides on a real term basis.
The benefits with TM Repository are a aplenty to choose from and to name a few one can have this application used for those who provide professional translation services, institutions, companies and other houses who can now have full access to memories and also for translations to be done in future. An organization can now use TM Repository to translate anything stored in the memory at any given point of time, one can also have tracks enabled for any changes whatsoever and even updates as well, every time translations updates and news is given.
All translated assets are well taken care of and controlled by TM Repository and as an end user one would have the best in terms of accuracy and coverage for the same, says translation news experts. It would all boil down to the consistency of the project being worked on and everything would come by when the TM Repository is used. Unwanted translations would now be minimized and your company can now save a lot when working with memories from the past and storing updates for future use.
Professional translations services from TM Repository is the brainchild of Kilgray and is based out of Hungary. Kigray is known to help with applications for those in translations services and was launched in the year 2004 as memoQ. Later on in 2005 it became an integrated domain for professional translation services. The memoQ and the memoQserver along with the qTerm and even the much talked about TM Repository are products of Kilgray, says translation news experts and aids that work fast in the world of real time translations.
Whether this is going to be a trend or not by companies worldwide, one would only have to wait and watch for the same. Till then companies and institutions the world across are banking on TM Repository for all their translations and translation news and updates today!!

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