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Where Did My Translations Go Asks Users

Imagine if Winston Churchill was alive and using professional translations services to give his famous speech, which he did in 1940, says translation news. If he had to use voice to text professional translations services to relay his wartime speech to the then British PM, instead of reassuring his ally, he would have been sending out wrong messages altogether, while the German troops invaded both countries.

Professional translations services using electronic means for translations would have made a massacre of Churchill’s words, say translations news experts. Imagine what would have run across the minds of the English. They would have been wondering who was John Demitri, what must have happened to their PM and would someone be kind enough to explain the concept of an ending ground as well? This would have been the case if modern translations through electronic methods would have been used to relay Churchill’s famous speech.

This is indeed very similar to those who use professional translations services today. Such services allow 10 second clips of voice to be converted into texts, which translations updates expert say, makes no sense at all. The services given by such professional translations means is poor and can lead to results which aren’t amusing but very confusing.

To prove this, translations experts used famous quotes and dialogues from movies and even the world of politics, the answer was surprisingly funny and amusing, not to forget it confused many around as well, so read on says translations news experts.

The movie Forrest Gump has a very funny voice to text translations result, say experts. For example in the movie, Gump spoke about life being compared by his mama to a box of chocolates, since no one knows what’s in the box and life is uncertain. When professional translations voice to text was used in this context, the answer was highly ridiculous. It said “Oh mama it’s dad last we’d like a box of chocolate you never know what you doing again.”

Let’s take another example from the famous Star Wars series, we shall use Han Solo’s dialogue here “May the Force be with you”. With the help of professional translations services, voice to text, it said “we are working with you”, does this make any sense or does it give you a different translations angle altogether!!

The movie Apocalypse Now was a hit and Robert Duvall played the role of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore, where he summoned his troops by saying “I love the smell of napalm in the morning”. With the help of professional translations services, voice to text, it said “Les Pete come in the morning”. Now what does one have to say about such professional translations which can only confuse and irritate you rather than help and make things easy.

It is important for professional translations services to be around, but not at the cost of losing the essence and bringing out ridiculous comments altogether, say experts with translation updates. Only time would tell us if such translations applications would work well for us or not!!

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