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Where are my TV SHOWS?

Translations news says, a lot can happen not only over a cup of coffee, but also over your favorite television shows, when they undergo professional translations effects. This is particularly true in the case of the welsh television shows when translations for the same goes for a toss, making the television shows lose most of the essence and not retaining the real meaning after all.
They say no matter, which show comes to the welsh domain, something or the other would be amiss when professional translations takes over. Don’t expect to have cent percent translations done for the same, says translations news. You would without a doubt have a lot to clarify, when you send your own programs for translations in Wales.
The other day, there was a review on the famous sitcom, RESTORATION HOMES. The people of Pembrokeshire were watching the program, which was talking about the ruins of the T Mawr, a Gregorian artifact, now crumbling away, says translation news. The program was all about the restoration of the T Mawr. But this program which underwent professional translations services, refused to have the Welsh name T Mawr initiated through and through and cut it off. Translations news says a certain lady by the name of Carolyn Quentin, was so annoyed that she herself named the show BIG HOUSE instead!!
Her question, which translations news says was evoked by many other Welsh nationals came about loud and clear. The question here was ‘Why couldn’t the show allow the original names to be? This is a question which was asked by many across the county, says translation news. This is because none of them thought of the name T Mawr as a difficult name to pronounce and say, says translations news.
Another show, which translations news says is in line with the American reality show, THE APPRENTICE, “SHOW ME THE FUNNY” was telecasted over television channels in Pontypridd last week. Needless to say the professional translations from English to Welsh made a mockery of it all and there was a showdown at the end of it, especially by the Welsh community at large, says translations news.
Sources from the world of translations say that the job was well done and received, but when the Welsh community was asked for its opinion, they thought otherwise, says translation news experts. Most termed it to be editing, which wasn’t good, hence “evil editing”, because all they showed was the negative side of Pontypridd, with big girls downing pints in one-go and chip trays in bins, says translations news.
Dan is a famous local celebrity and on the much hullabaloo of the Ponty episode, he commented it to be the best of Welsh humor and sarcasm shown till date, says translations news. With so many views and opinions on every sitcom being shown around, the Welsh community just has one question to ask, where on earth post professional translations did the real shows go to?
Do we have an answer, ask experts from the desk of translations news!!

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