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What Ray Has To Say On Translations?

This is what translations news has to say of what Ray opine about professional translations applications these days. According to Ray, professional translations machines would with the help of technological knowhow reach the pinnacle of translations by 2009, which was two years back. Now he says, manual translations would never be replaced by professional translations applications and machines ever. The reason he said so, is because according to him the essence of languages can never have a newer version when translated, all would be lost at the end of it all. Every single language he says has a personality of its own and hence reading or understanding something in its own language would be any day better than having translations versions doled out, says Ray to translations news networks.

Not many can master the art of successfully using translations through language pairs or even more, says translations news and even Ray. Apart from the texts being converted with the help of professional translations services, even spoken languages are being converted as well, says translations updates. Thanks to the number of technological advances being made in the translations industry, Ray in his book, THE AGE OF SPIRITUAL MACHINES, says that by 2019, spoken languages translations would be a common thing.

Further investigation into his words revealed that Ray was looking at the enhanced quality of translations by 2019, say translations updates experts. The subtle nuances and tones of the original versions haven’t been yet successfully through professional translations means converted till date. This is what Ray believes will be achievable by the end of 2029, since he says technology would have a better understanding of human cultures and would face many more obstacles ahead.

He has also spoken about the works of Franz Och the brainchild behind the much used, Google Translate, says translations expert across the world. Ray deems it as an excellent approach that can use data power to make systems for translations easier and very powerful to say the least, especially with grammar and lingo knowhow and rules as well. According to him, language is evolving and hence a database for correct translations is very important to have since expansion would be important and mandatory.

Sources say, Ray has always been interested in language auto translation services and hence his company brought out the famous TRANSLATION TELEPHONE as a demo for the masses nearly twenty years back, says translations updates. He said the need for such a device would help businesses the most and maybe sometimes even writers as well, the latter not being guaranteed for the same.

What holds ahead in the field of translations can only be felt and seen when Ray enlightens us more on professional translation standards that can create a stir and a rage amongst masses. For now we have many other translations applications across to use and that’s how most work these days. Whether or not by 2019, there would be an automated near to perfect if not perfect solutions for translations available to the masses, we can only wait for time to tell!!

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