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What If We Use Simple Translation Services For Techie Science Journals – A Debate

According to translations updates, with regard to the short essay published in the esteemed Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, under the heading- A proposal for communicating science, which was penned down by Alan Betts, who is a renowned atmospheric scientist, we get to know his views on translations for the common man. He says the techie journals should have professional translations done, in order to keep the language simple and easy to decipher for the common folk.

According to him, if the Earth has to have a great future and a secured one, translations from the technical science papers to a non technical and easily understandable document, should be made available in plain language to the public. He further goes on to say that there should be two versions of the same journal by scientists for any review. These journals should be for the scientists and also for the common folks around. Professional translations services should be used, which are plain and simple for the common folk to decipher. It should be so since it is the common mans pocket which funds such research work and they have the right to know what issues revolve around the Earth today.

Alan Betts goes further to say with regard to a recently published scientific journal on Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, under the heading – Climate related sea-level variations over the past two millennia, says translations news experts. This was an easy paper to decipher even by the common man, since the language used was simple and plain, say translations updates experts. But at some parts of the paper, due to poor translations, certain research fellows were misquoted, rather mis translated and that could lead to various misconstrues which could end up with different meanings altogether.

If such notable details are not given proper professional translations help, the world would never know the real outcome of what the tides in the seas would really be up with for that matter. In fact when such information gets to the media and the public, and higher authorities who plan the welfare of the citizens in the country, it could be misinterpreted and a pandemonium could happen anytime around the nation, says translations experts.

Most scientists these days do not agree to have professional translations help for their version of papers for the common man. But translations updates experts are in sync with agreeing on Betts thoughts, which is, if the scientists are writing papers for the sake of doing it, maybe they should also write about other topics for reading interests and fiction. This is because their papers are very technical and not easily understood by the common man, say translation news experts.

Isn’t it high time that the public gets to know the real issues that surround our one and only globe? If your answer is yes, it is for you to pressurize the government through various means on making it mandatory for the scientists to use two versions of their papers, one for their community and the other for the common folk, says translation news.

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