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What China Needs Is Interpreters and Translators with Good Qualifications

According to translations news we get to know that the CIUTI or the Permanent Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters convention held in May 2011, showed a growing concern that china has not got enough of professional translation experts to service all their teaching and personnel needs. The CIUTI along with BFSU or Beijing Foreign Studies University discussed this growing need and stated the importance of having qualified translations experts recruited for the job at hand. This is important, since the country is a developing nations, especially in trade and commerce and one needs to have apt translations experts to handle legal documents across language barriers and overcome them too, if the country has to be in the top slots for foreign trade and business.

It is said by translation updates that more than three hundred scholars and professors associated with translations services and organizations in china and across the globe spoke on why professional translations services are so important for the growing economy. This debate included live chats, forums and open discussions from one and all who attended the debacle this May 2011. They also harped on the fact that if china has to make a mark in the age of globalization, the skills and expertise of professional translations experts need to match those with the changes of globalization as well, hence only highly qualified experts with translation updates and skills would be chosen for the job.

The president of TAC, Li Zhaoxing opines, if china has to succeed and be at par with the worlds globalizations, the translations business has to be committed to the interest of the Chinese people and in concurrence to the interests of the world at large, says translations news experts. In short, Li Zhaoxing, meant that with apt professional translations services on call, China wouldn’t have misconstrued translations creating havoc on their global ties and intents anymore, thus promoting the concept of peace at all levels and stability as well.

It was in 1979 when the UN helped china establish the Beijing Foreign Studies University. Not knowing the numbers now, the demand for professional translations services in china have grown ever since, that too in leaps and bounds. Translation updates say that around seventy percent of businesses in China are of the opinion that for higher work force quality, it is important to have translations experts and they are willing to bring on board around five professional translations experts per year.

Translation news experts call this move as an affirmation to justify the growing demand of translations experts in the country, more so the hunt for professional translations experts, who know fluency in Chinese to various other languages as well. At present, translation updates say very few and limited workforce in china has been trained on translations, the results are very poor and the government in china needs to invest more into the field of professional translations.

Only time would tell if china can have the best of translations services ahead or not !

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