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Voila!! Solaris Has New Improvements For English Translation Services

Good news for book lovers, says translations news experts. If you remember the famous book SOLARIS by Stanley Lem, which is a cult classic in its own rights, finally you would get to read a copy of it in ENGLISH, says translations updates.

It would be a great boon for those who love to read and have been waiting for cult classic novels such as the Solaris to be translated with the help of professional translations services into English. According to translations news experts, this piece of information has been brought about by a famous local English daily in the UK and the paper also goes to say that much of the essence wouldn’t be lost while translations services are applied to the original cult classical novel.

It was in 1961 when Solaris first came out to the masses, the novel was then in Polish. Translations experts say the novel spoke of the struggles endured by the human race in a bid to develop contact and communication with super intelligent beings on other planets in our solar system. Translations news experts say the book Solaris is inspired by movies made from the able minds of experts such as Steven Soderberg and Andrei Tarkovsky.

All in all, Solaris’s only English version was released in the year 1970. This as translations news says was an adaption from the French version of the book which was never liked by the author himself, says, translations updates, since the essence was lost in the hands of professional translations services. According to translations experts, such as Bill Johnson, it was the telephony translations services which messed the entire purpose of giving the book a new life form in the mid 70’s when it was first released.

Sources say not everything is retained in its original form when there are translations done to the original copy of any book or document for that matter. Translations news says that in some places of the translated text, important nuances were missing and even omitted altogether. This is again in context to the book, Solaris, which came out in the English version in 1970.

Nothing of what the author’s nature was depicted in the English version whatsoever. Even professional translations services couldn’t grasp hold of the writers semi philosophical views or even the kind of language he used when penning down the original version, says translations news experts.

But the world is now looking forward with great hope for the English version of the Solaris which is scheduled to be out anytime soon and with original names as well, says translations updates desk experts. You would now be able to identify the real characters of the book, Solaris, such as Kris Kelvin’s wife Harey and not Rheya or even Alpha as Alpha Aquarii and no other names to be crowned with.

We can only wait for the best to be out and soon, we just hope the professional translations services would do justice to the original version and keep the essence intact!!

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