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Virus Allegations Is For the Birds And the Bees Says WHITESMOKE

Here is something from translations news desk that would make no bones, especially when we speak of the reputed company, WHITESMOKE Inc. the company has been on a defensive mode, says professional translation teams, ever since it was blamed for harming personal home and office computers with virus attacks. Sources say, the company was blamed for allowing viruses to enter the users computer, which would have the Whitesmoke Translator for translation needs.

The call centre for Whitesmoke Inc was recently inundated with frantic calls and queries from panic stricken customers, across the globe. Translation updates say all wanted to know how Whitesmoke Translator virus could harm their computers or even if such a rumor exists in real times.

There are many professional translation forums online which have placed warnings for consumers using the Whitesmoke Translator. Such warnings say that the Whitesmoke Translator indeed contains malicious viruses that could mess around with the computer and eat up important files and information.

This in turn says translation updates, has shooed away most consumers who even want to use the English writing software by Whitesmoke. No one wants to use anything from Whitesmoke now since online forums are posting gibberish about the virus attacks by Whitesmoke Translator.

This is how Whitesmoke Inc assures its customers of total security and responsibility sans the scare of Whitesmoke Translator virus:

According to professional translation news we get to know that Whitesmoke calls its best team members, engineers, and those who work with the development teams to check every single program before it is out for use in the market.
Whitesmoke calls and invites the leading anti-virus manufacturers to check all their products and services and eliminate the slightest doubt for Whitesmoke Translator virus.
Whitesmoke will always wait as the translation news experts say, for an approval from the anti-virus companies. This is to ensure no hanky panky business is done or delivered at the end of the day.
Customers have access the whole time to check the reports published by Whitesmoke Inc. officially for virus free news.
Whitesmoke Inc. concludes that there was never and will never be a chance of any virus being tagged with the reputed Whitesmoke Translator and translation forums that say so, can challenge the company for the same. If anyone would still need a one on one verification on the Whitesmoke Translator virus, they are most welcome to get in touch with the management at Whitesmoke and would be obliged for complete check ups as well.

Whitesmoke as professional translation services today, is a reputed organization with a huge turn over every year. The company is out in the market for business and welfare to those who want to master the art of writing in the queens language and wouldn’t want to harm the intent of consumers any which ways.

Could this possibly be a case of business rivalry or just false publicity for Whitesmoke Inc. we shall wait for further translation updates to enlighten us for the same.

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