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Virtual keypad for mobile phones breaks the language barrier

Luna Ergonomics, a start-up company based in Noida near New Delhi, India has designed a virtual keypad called Panini Keypad that allows users to type in text in the language of their choice using the existing keyboard. According to its CEO Abhijit Bhattacharjee, though the keypad can work for any language in the world, it would of great help to mobile phone users in India as only 90 million out of 650 million mobile phone users know English.

The virtual keypad uses statistics to predict character prompts called Clever Texting that makes it easier for the user to type in texts. The desired character intuitively appears on the screen while keying in a text. The software app can be downloaded from the company’s website or used as a service through a value card. The application has been shortlisted for the 2011 TiE50 world award. The use of the product is expected to further enhance mobile phone penetration in rural India as the companies can offer language choices while marketing mobile phones. For more information please visit

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