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Untoward Professional Translations Can Cause Ripple Effects

Blame it on the inefficient ways of professional translations if you want to, recently there have been rumors published in the esteemed ‘LE MONDE’ on how a famous bank in France has already lost all its money. Sources from the world of translations news sprung into action blaming the media for such false news and rubbishing the claims altogether. The markets are jittery no doubt all over the world and with such rumors being spread over the internet on the second best bank in France going bankrupt, only leads to the creation of a ripple effect, says translations news.
What appeared as headlines on the ‘LE MONDE’ was “The End of the Line for the Euro”, which sent shockwaves across the nation in no time, says translations news. Moreover the journalist, who penned these words was himself a financial reporter, someone who should have known better before making such news a headline, says translations news. Societe Generale and Italy’s UniCredit were the two banks he spoke about and that is what sent shivers down the spine.
The ‘Mail’ which is published in London came out with a story, sources unknown for the same stating that the esteemed ‘Societe Generale’ would collapse any moment and even ‘UniCredite’ was in no strong position to hold fort any longer, says translations news. Reading about such rumors, the social media online and traders across the continent went into a tizzy. This resulted in a tsunami of fears, wondering if the blue chip bank in France, known to be the second best would remain afloat or not!!
It was last Wednesday, when the shares of the French bank came down by more than what it should have, twenty percent is what translation news says. There were also rumors that the AAA credit rating for the banks in France would now go down the drains, says translation news. Such rumors rung the bells of panic for the banking sectors in Europe and most of the European nations including the French banned short sales for the moment. This was a measure seen in the year 2008 when ‘Lehman Brothers’ collapsed says translation news.
When the French bank protested against such false rumors, the London Mail retracted its statements and made public apologies for the same, say translations news. There was an investigation launched to probe where the rumors sprung from and how they took a massive chunk of Twitter’s bandwidth as well.
Reuters and Agence France-Presse journalists in France sourced it to ‘Le Monde’. They said the mail was fiction and would be told to the public via tweets, says translations news. With such misunderstandings on the prowl, authorities and heads of all banks are wondering how and when such ripple effects and rumors take place!! How come none of the translations for the royal wedding went mis-interpreted and why only the banks in the European nation was attacked with false talks!! Professional translations experts, we need an answer for the same!!

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