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Translation for the Korean Government

Translation updates reveals Korea’s embarrassing position of the government when it comes to communicating in any other language apart from their own. Imagine the esteemed free trade agreements managed by Korea’s civil servants and their overconfidence on speaking other languages, doomsday is not too far.
Sources reveal that the EU free trade agreement with Korea was translated in a very shoddy and a haphazard manner and this has been proved. If one checks the original documents which were given to the National Assembly at the time of the deal, one would have around 207 mistakes pointed out for the same, says translation news experts.
Keeping this in mind, there were 3 professional translation experts hired by the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who did the translation and published it for the public. But they too found errors in 1259 pages as well. Mistranslations, omissions, and grammatical errors were a part and parcel of the whole game deal, say translation honchos.
Even with the agreement signed between Peru and Korea, there were 145 errors found, says translation updates experts and sadly till date has not been corrected. The Korean government now has decided to do a review of all the 5 FTA’s which are in use and this includes the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement with India as well.
Professional translation experts expected such shoddy work, since they say the Korean government isn’t too keen on hiring the best professional translation teams around and believes that their civil servants are apt and know it all, with regard to translation needs.
According to the Foreign Service exam rule, a candidate would require around 700 points to pass the TEPS, which enables and empowers all candidates the skill to translate sans any issues, but that sadly isn’t the case, where 300 were absorbed and a fraction passed the test. Hence the Korean government took a stand on hiring professional translation experts, but not in large numbers.
There are nineteen translation experts with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and six with the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Four with the Ministry of Unification has four and three with the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. In addition to that there are two translation experts with the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and ten with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the question posed here by translation experts is, whether those numbers are enough to do the job and have effective communication delivered sans mistranslation, omissions and grammatical errors.
Translation experts say it is important for a country like Korea to realize that in order to be on the top slots of free trade and world economy, it needs to pull up its socks. Without proper emphasis given on translation needs through professionals who know their jobs in and out, the country would stand to make more harm for itself than good in the long run.
Whatever be the case, the Korean government needs to get its hold on the current situation as soon as possible or else, the world would continuously misunderstand their clear intents, which is as always lost in translation.

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