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Translate API Services to Be Available No More by Google

Yes folks, if you are reading this translation traumatic news early morning, you aren’t dreaming or going through a bad nightmare. Google indeed is planning to do away with the Translate API services as declared on May 26th 2011. Brace yourself for what is ahead, grab your morning coffee!!

Why such a step is what we all want to know? Why did Google decide on such a deed, especially when millions across the globe love the Translate API services?

Most experts with translation news would think of Google’s decision as succumbing to financial burdens and by improper usage and abuse of the services. Henceforth, Google has decided to allow its users to have limited access to its professional translation services through Translate API and come December 1st 2011, the services will be shut down completely. For those of us around the globe who would still like to have translation updates or services at par, the path one should take leads us to GOOGLE TRANSLATE ELEMENT, for future use.

Translation updates inform us that Google calls this drive as a way of SPRING CLEANING and is already planning to shut down other popular API’s available and famous amongst their services as well. Remember, all those programs we used for FREE, that would be now part of memory ONLY.

Professional translation services through SDL TRADOS STUDIO that allows you to work with Google Translate and Translate API would also become history, however, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, so enjoy the icing on the cake while the party lasts, says experts with translation news services.

It is indeed dramatic for those who need translation services from a reputed source on a day to day basis and for free. But Google opines, doing the same thing for the masses across the world, costs them a fortune. Who knows, maybe in future, Google would offer professional translation services to the world once again, but this time with a cost tag attached to it, we hope it is economical and worth the penny!!

But some folks are very happy about this news, especially the MT vendors, who know now they would make their moolah, says translation news experts. This is so, because the MT vendors have software for translation services and once Google shuts the doors to Translate API professional translation free services, their demand would certainly increase. This is something which would affect small start up businesses, who work on the applications available on Google. With Google deciding to shut off most of its free applications now, these companies would surely sink without a trace.

Translation updates furthermore says that one would think a billion times before they embark on developing the product or services for Google API, since they wouldn’t want to face a burning coast ahead of their arrival. However, one grace here would be, the GTS TRANSLATION PLUGIN would still be available for free and that’s great news say translation services users, such as high end users, college goers, even home makers or article writers, from across the globe.

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