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The Woeful Story of the Ichibasi Trials

According to translation news we get to know that there is a trial waiting to be heard of Ichibasi. This has been in the news and on media glare ever since the story came out on July 4th 2011. The stories of the trials for Ichibasi has become very well known amongst all social circuits an one thing that cannot be overlooked would be that of the professional translations quality used for the trials.

The interpreter has had many translations errors both major and minor, and sometimes omitting important aspects and details as well while the trials have been on. Such issues have prompted legal honchos and translations experts to summon the courts. They have to hire well learned professional translations experts every time when foreign nationals are involved in such trials. Plus hiring professional translations experts would help improve the quality of their own interpreters and translations teams, says translations news.

Each error is crucial for the judges to make a decision on the fate of Ichibasi’s case. However, with so many mistakes through translations it is but tough to understand if a fair trial is being done or not for those involved with the case, including accusers, defendants, witnesses and even the families of the victims.

There were many translation errors and to quote some, they would be “during the fifth session of the trial on July 11 when Julia Hawker, mother of the 22-year-old British victim, Lindsay Ann Hawker, testified as a witness for the prosecution”, where she was called to testify against the grave misdeeds of Ichibasi and to seek the judges decision on the severest punishment for killing Lindsay. The mother of Lindsay clearly stated that she couldn’t bathe for two years because of the way her daughters brutally murdered body was found, which translations experts in Japan phrased it as “I cannot take back the two years.”

When this misinterpretation was noticed, there was another one coming up, says translations news. This time when Julia was questioned by the prosecutor on the impact of the case to what the British might now perceive Japan as, Julia replied “Japan was a less safe place to come.” However with the professional translations conversion it sounded as “Japan was the most unsafe place to come.”

When they asked her if Ichibasi had apologized in writing for what he did, Julia replied “we didn’t think he would apologize to us. We thought he was sorry for being caught.” When this was sent to professional translations experts, the result was “as a preparation for his trial.”

According to the law, if a defendant or even if the witness doesn’t speak the local language in Japan, which is Japanese the national language, they should have access to the best professional translations services to be used by both parties involved in the case. But when the lawmakers translations services itself is such a backward state of affairs, where does one look for hope other than just give up using professional translations altogether.!!


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