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The NIV BIBLE Translated Is Not Commendable Say Southern Baptists

Translation news says that the convention of the Southern Baptists didn’t accept or even commend the translations of the NIV Bible, especially when the language used in the translations was purely neutral with regard to gender formalities. The convention was held on June 15th 2011 and that was when the decision by top authorities was announced.

As said by Tim Overton who is associated with the Halteman Village Baptists Church located in Muncie, IN, this is a change rather a paradigm change in the decisions for professional translations services to be used ahead for the NIV Bible. He brought this up after the committee for resolutions decided to act upon such translations methods in future. Further stating that the NIV Bible is known as the “WORD OF GOD” and hence they weren’t too happy with the translations provided at the outcome.

Sources from the translations desk deem the NIV Bible as a best seller which is not biased on gender grounds, something which translations news says is not attuned to the likes of the Southern Baptists at large and hence they did not approve of the texts post translations.

Mr. Overton when on to say and as told to translations news experts that around seventy five percent of the NIV Bible is retained as gender neutral and in a language which can be included in the NIV’s translations, but that has to be first accepted by the Southern Baptist authorities and it was not when it was first shown to the masses in the year 2002.

Talking of resolutions and their committees, Russell Moore who is a member and also a professor for the “Southern Baptist Theological Seminary” opines that the resolutions committee should have felt the urgency of having the right professional translations services, but they didn’t. This was because there were already two copies of the same, which allowed more transparency and more translations came about in the year 2002 as well.

Overton refused to comment any further on this issue, stating that luxury was what they had being a part of the Southern Baptists, with regard to denouncing the translations on the NIV Bible, that aims at gender neutralization. He goes on to add that the masses are purchasing the new translations without even knowing what is happening around, and without crediting the Southern Baptists as anchors with which the evangelical world would shake.

The most disappointed with such comments and opinions were publishers Biblica and Zondervan Publishing House, says translations news experts. Biblica and Zondervan Publishing House went on to say that their translations were immaculate and to the point of not misleading devotees from the word of God.

Even the esteemed SBC publishers, LIFEWAY Christian Resources were asked not to allow any translations of the NIV Bible to be sold and pastors were asked to preach against the new professional translations of the NIV Bible at Sunday church as well.

Jesus should be listening to such fights, he would himself walk away from translations!!

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