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The Language They Spoke and the Language Now

Gail Ramshaw speaks his heart out to translation news stating how unhappy he is with the way professional translations has been applied to the Word of God, The Holy Bible. According to him, there has been a total misconstruction of the Bible from what it was and to what it is today, thanks to the translation efforts approved by the Vatican. He feels the newly translated texts for Christian worship and the meaning of the words in the holy texts, take more of a communal feeling rather than a spiritual or religious one.

According to translation news, Gail Ramshaw has been quoted saying the communal wordings approved in the new text is a result of decades of hard work from various committees and the culmination of thoughts by scholars. With the translations of the holy text from Latin into the queen’s language, English, there has been no approval for the professional translations done on a communal basis so far. Gail Ramshaw doesn’t think of the Christian community to be broad visioned, since most of the writings in the renewed 20th century liturgies came about with the help of various traditional culmination from the projects initiated by the Roman Catholics. He is further sad by the fact that the Roman Catholics have given their nod of approval for the professional translations saga to carry on with regard to the Lord’s Prayer and even other creeds as well.

Gail Ramshaw also says that translations for the Word of God is nothing new and many re-translated documents for the same have been found, opening up various issues. To express the biblical vocabulary in a better way, words used in professional translations techniques need to be apt and inspiring. This would bring about the answers to many questions, such as the terminologies to be used, the kind of literacy expected by the followers of Christianity and the kind of access the common folks can have with the Biblical references around, says translations news.

Gail Ramshaw further adds that the expression of theological facts in the new roman texts written in Latin as approved of, shows different hierarchies of the church. Translations news asks its readers to find out, which century of the composites shown in the Bible they would like to follow, when they pray. Most would think of the twentieth century up to date versions for Sunday preaching, while others think otherwise, says a source.

Your words should be chosen wisely and carefully to please one and all, says Gail Ramshaw. The language levels used should be a mix of colloquialism and elevation. This is what would shape the messages conveyed by the Holy Gospel, says Gail Ramshaw and as told to translation news. He further goes on to say, with the use of professional translations for the Word of God, the faithful themselves are now at a loss, since they are despaired with the new age mandate given by the Vatican.

Will the Word of God change for the better or would translations be the name of the game? We still have to watch the game because the movie is yet not over!!


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