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That Isn’t the True Meaning of Our Symbols

Translations news says there are many who know no other language apart from their own native tongue they were born with. It comes out as a surprise all too funny when certain English idioms, phrases and even movie titles undergo translations between two or more languages these days, says a source. To quote a Spanish student, Michael Cortez, “The nature of language is so different between two languages that sometimes you can’t have a direct translation, a one-to-one translation, if you will,” as told by him to our translation news expert.

Hayley Blair is of the opinion that even song lyrics, movie dialogues even titles and the literary works written and undergoing professional translations at times don’t hold true to the intended essence and meaning. Xi Qian is a Chinese tutor at Auburn and has a different take with regard to translations services for movies in other languages, to quote Qian “This happens a lot with movie titles in Chinese to make the movie more marketable and attractive to consumers”, Qian further adds and to quote “ For movie titles, most of the occasions, they are eye catchers. If they are just plainly translated, it’s not attractive at all, because we do not see the trailers at movie theaters. You name something mysterious so it’s easier to sell.” As told to translation news experts.

According to Qian, the movie titles and the meanings thereof are completely lost when translations for the same happen. The drastic change to Chinese just to show the audience what the story is all about takes a beating, says translations news. Even to describe the leading character of the movie or to make the title much more appraised of, especially if the movie title has European and Greek myths surrounding it and not known of in China, there is a loss of essence in translations say translation news experts.

To quote Qian “On most occasions Chinese watchers see only the Chinese title from beginning, so we don’t feel that strange when the translations diverge that much,” as told to translations news. Qian further says there are many reasons why words are put under the scanner of translations or changed overall, since the meaning may not come clear when professional translation techniques are used. Who knows the meanings could take a different path altogether and offend many a viewer, says a source.
Lourdes Betanzos, a Spanish professor says and to quote “When things are translated, however, a lot of the beauty of language is lost”, she further says and to quote “The nuances of the metaphors or the symbolism, the color and feeling of the language is lost when it is translated from one language to another,” as told to translation news correspondents. Maybe she said this since most Spanish words wouldn’t have an equivalent meaning in English or vice versa when translations for the same happen.

Betanzos also says and to quote her “One of them is a verb, madrugar,” she further says “Which means to wake up at dawn. There’s not one single word in English that will capture that concept.” So will professional translations be ready to make the best of its services, we can only wait for an answer!!

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