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Thank You UCSF for The Great Translations Gizmo

Translations news says a lot can happen over a cup of coffee, and that is so true when two bright minds come together over a brew. This is exactly what has happened between two bright students of medicine, who managed to create an application which would help in medical translations services. Translations updates say, this would surely be a rage with the way patient care has been conducted all over the world so far. It was when Brad Cohn experienced his long duty hours with patients who didn’t speak his language, that he thought of translations devices and applications which could aid his noble ways of saving lives.

At present the application has support benefits for more than sixty five languages. It uses a telephone translations line, medical interpreters and even the use of visual aids for translations as well. This is what translations news calls a miracle, since on a real time basis, patients get the care they need, even if they don’t communicate in a language the doctors do. But the downside to it would be using the professional translations application on weekends or at nights, since manpower is less and the wait can be pretty long.

Brad’s colleague and friend, Blau also opined for the need of round the clock real time professional translations services, since most of the cases they tackle daily are patients who give their own reports on the medical conditions, hence communication is very important. Translations news experts agree with Blau, since time is luxury for patients and doctors and not an asset. Hence a tool for doctors to enable their iPhone or PDA’s was important for on the spot translations that would bring out the medical history of patients from any language to English and vice versa.

This is what brought about MediBabble in April this year. Till date the professional translations tool has been downloaded worldwide by more than six thousand people and has won praises for its robust nature as well, by the Medical App Awards, declared on Scrubdin and was also known to have made it to the MUST HAVE section on as well.

The application, MediBabble works on touch-screen sensors which would allow health care experts to check with the patients medical history and hear the instructions loud and clear, in five languages that too, namely, Haitian Creole, Cantonese, Spanish, Mandarin and even Russian. Translations news say no internet access is needed to use the application and certainly no particular location as well.

There are plans by MediBabble to bring in more languages as well, such as Urdu, Hindi, French, German, Arabic to name a few. It would only be a matter of time when Brad and Blau, with others bring on a new facet to the world of translations. Till then we shall wait for the health care experts to manage us with their gut instincts and not wait only for the professional translations device on the iPhones or PDA’s to work.

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