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Svetlana Geier speaks of “The Woman With the 5 Elephants”

Translations news says that everyone should read the book “THE WOMAN WITH THE 5 ELEPHANTS”, it is available and in many languages as well. The documentary as most critics put across for The Woman With the 5 Elephants by Vadim Jendreyko is chilly nonetheless exciting. Moreover, come to think of it the book is based on the life of Svetlana Geier, who is known as a professional translations expert in her own rights. She has also been known to have used her own translations expertise to bring more audience to read Dostoyevsky’s. The Woman With the 5 Elephants is a book which shows her skills and twenty years of effort on re translating five main novels of Dostoyevsky. Svetlana lives no more amongst us, but her works do, says translations news.

The book shows how she lived and worked in Germany, with an intersection of her return to her native place, which is Ukraine, says translations news. It also gives the reader an account of her life which was very complicated, and how she lost her father to the purges of Stalin right before the Second World War. This was when she worked as a professional translations expert for the Nazis who occupied Kiev. You would also know that Svetlana had to escape to Germany to be free from the Soviets clutches, says translations news. Finally, by reading The Woman With the 5 Elephants, one also understands the trouble she went through to obtain a passport and thanks to an understanding Nazi official, who later got detained, she secured one, says translations news.

There is quite a parallelism drawn between the life Svetlana led and the translations work she did, says experts. She escaped the horrifying Kiev usurps, a time when she lost her best buddy and soul friend at the Babi Yar. She still continued to work for translations compromising the life that she was forced to lead. Svetlana clearly mentioned the confused ways of living between the Germans and the Russians, not to forget the incompatibility of bringing the two languages together as well, says translations news.

Critics say the The Woman With the 5 Elephants is a very interesting book, and although the documentary has been over done in some parts, for example when you see the gnarled fingers from the moving train, it still speaks to the soul of the reader, says translations news. The movie could have been made much more interesting, keeping in mind the way documentaries are made in this day and age. Film critics opine that there are some unusual scenes known to be the best, where Svetlana slowly speaks and recites the sentences and an assistant types them down. Another such scene would be where she argues on finer points of music with a German musician who she has for company to read her books, says translations news. Sources say, thinking of this, it would be much more interesting to read about the five elephants she lived with than the way the Nazi army compelled her to lead her life.


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