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Shin Is Inspiring International Readers with Her Works

Translation news now focuses on Shin who has been travelling of late worldwide to promote her work, “Please look after MOM”. Her main aim is to use translations to help foreign readers understand the nuances of her work, since they form the bulk of inspiration for her at large, says a source.

To quote Shin “I didn’t think of foreign readers until my book was printed in English. But now after meeting my fans in other countries, I feel foreign readers have given me a strong energy for my next works,” as told to translations news on Monday at a recently help press conference. Shin is 48 and is now in Korea after she travelled across to the US and other European nations to promote the professional translations of her book, “Please Look after Mom”.

Changbi publishers were the first to bring out Shin’s book in the year 2008 and it sold more than a million and a half books in her native country. It was in April when the first English edition through professional translations help was out and has brought great responses to the book portraying maternal love and family devotion, says translations news.

At present her book is a best seller for the year 20121 and on a popular e-shopping site, the eight edition for the same is out, published in the US though, says translations news. This indeed is a great revelation for her, since not many novelists from Korea make such impacts, especially in the US, says a source. When asked Shin for the reasons she thinks such success came to her, she said she owed it to the fans worldwide, and to quote her further “They seem to be looking for an alternative in humanity and community spirit which is richly expressed in Korean literature,” she also says, and to quote her “I’ve heard the power of literature has dwindled in Korea over the last 10 years. But when I was outside, I felt the power of Korean literature is very dynamic and powerful. Many are interested in it.” As told to translations news.

To further add to the above, Shin says and to quote “Many writers say their works are like their children. For me, ‘Please Look after Mom’ is like a mother as it gave me an opportunity to meet various readers and talk to them thanks to translations.” Over the decade there has been an influx of more Korean writers using translations services to convert their works into languages easily read by many US and European readers.

Shin says “I think the trend is part of the improvement of translation quality. I hope many good translators work on good literary works to convey the originality to foreign readers.” Shin would now be at the esteemed Brisbane Writers Festival (BWF), which is in September this year and is the only author from Korea to have received and invitation for the same. She would be introduced to the BWF congregation as “Korea’s national living treasure” and “one of South Korea’s most widely read and acclaimed novelists” says translations news.


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