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Shake Hands with Microsoft Silver Says the Leading Translations Experts

Translations experts say, AIT or Advanced International Translations, which is a leader in translations for professional translations agencies has joined hands today with Microsoft Silver Partner Status and has now become a recognized business name with ISV or Independent Software Vendors.

While Silver Partner and Microsoft joined hands, AnyCount and Projetex software was critically evaluated, says translations news. These two software brands are known to be the best sellers in the market for high end professional translations needs.

One of the most popular translations software is Projetex and is used by the translations industries across the globe. This software is a boon, since it helps complete account projects with other multi tasking efforts, says translations experts. For every need of the clients, the software’s core is looked into, right from starting with the client’s contract to managing the end result of professional translations for complex assignments as well.

With Projetex one can have reports, invoicing and translations for clients done in real time. Plus a company can easily work well across seas and yet provide the best quality for its projects, gain more profits and earn more revenues for itself as well, says translations news. You can use Projetex both online as well as otherwise and as and when you may need help with translations.

Another popular software for word count and character count is AnyCount. It scans the documents and then does the job, which otherwise would have been done by professional translations experts. It can support around 36 file formats and would work on those parts which have been identified for translations, says translations news experts. Icing on the cake here would be, the translations software would recognize, both data and text formats. It can well handle characters embedded even in the most complex files, PDF wise, says translations experts.

Professional translations experts say, using this software, one can even tackle files which are most complication and send client’s invoices without delaying any further. The software is used by translations experts across the globe and by various professional translations services as well.

In addition to that, AIT has proposed various customer referrals for companies to use AIT’s professional translations services and systems. Vladimir Pedchenko, MD of AIT says he is happy because his company AIT, has brought to the world its first professional translations services. Moreover, since it has partners with Silver and Microsoft for translations needs, the road ahead is only going to be better, says translations news experts. Whether or not the translations software would prove to be a boon with its prototype in place, one would only have to wait and watch. Remember, with high end translations needs becoming a necessity today, such companies have to only work hard and smart to give its customers the best professional translations services for customers world wide, says translations news experts. We can only hope to see better improvements, if not medium and average ones, says professional translations experts.

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