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Searching For the Right Words

Translation news experts say there is heavy competition amongst businesses in the Chinese markets, where quality is the aim and on a globalized way that too. But if China has to make her name in the world of fast growing economies, she has to invest in professional translations techniques to gain a larger edge overall. For example, when we talk of the tourism industry in China, most foreigners find it very tough to roam around without a local guide for help.

On the first visit to China, vice-president of the International Federation of Translators, Jiri Stejskal faced it first hand, where he found the “PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door of his room at the hotel he stayed in with errors. He told the China Daily, when he turned the tag around it clearly stated “PLEASE DISTURB”. Since this was his first trip ever to China, he remembers roaming around the country and taking as many photographs of English Signs which he thought were funny, post the translations efforts from Chinese to English. But things have changed since, says Stejskal, and now on his recent trips he finds better communication than ever. He calls this a giant leap for the Chinese kingdom and has praised professional translations efforts in the country to make it a lucrative place for foreigners to be in.

This could be a reason why we see most professional translations experts coming out of China, after America and Norway, especially at the FIT world congress convention which is on these days. Translation news says, the convention has interpreters and translators from across the globe, seven hundred of them in total and China has 54 of them as attendees. China represents the real meaning of a booming industry for translations services, since it has full time opened its doors to economic prosperity and globalization, says translations news. With them you have professional translations experts, localized translators, technology to aid in language development, teaching and training on new languages etc. says translations news.

The “Translators Association of China” last year declared that 15000 or more firms in China, were giving out professional translations services, both for domestic and international customers alike. More than three thousand businesses across China now use translations services, says a source. This has made the Chinese kingdom contribute revenue wise around seven to eight percent to the global market with regard to translations services, says translations news.

The Chinese professional translations services given out by firms, face tough competition as it is from their peers around and hence translations on a high professional stand is a must, says translations news. Stejskal has gone ahead and named the professional translations firms in China as “gatekeepers” who throw open windows of opportunities to the Chinese people to understand and mix with other cultures and nationalities. According to him, professional translation is much more than just knowing what the other language speaks and writes. The main aim for such translations should be gaining cultural knowledge in a very broad manner.

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