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Rare Gem of a Personality Does Justice with Translations Services

Translations news experts opine S.N. Sriramadesikan to be a legend who has immensely contributed to Tamil and Sanskrit literature for more than six decades. He has been a research scholar for the state as well as the centre, a lecturer and an editor, not to forget a publisher in his own rights as well, say translations experts.

Each of the accolades received by the scholar is unique in its own and exclusive as well. he has been known to have translated the well known and very ancient works of the Ayurveda from Sanskrit to Tamil. This was under the watchful eye of the then CM MG Ramachandran. The scholar was also asked to take hold as a Special Officer for a decade with the esteemed State Government Department of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy, says translations experts.

Most Ayurveda colleges recommend the scholars work, the famous Ashtanga Sangraham and Charaka Susruta Samhitas, says translations news. He has also been bestowed with the tile of Ayurveda Bharati’ and ‘Abhinava Sushruta Vishruta’ by Kamakoti Peetam and by Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam respectively.

The noted scholar, S.N. Sriramadesikan still remembers when the then CM himself gave him the appointment letter as a special officer to manage the huge task ahead of him. More honors followed when Kalaimamani was appreciated by the then TN government in the year 1993, and praised by CM Jayalalith, for his contributions to Tamil literature and translations.

Another work of art notably would be the professional translations done by him from Sanskrit to Tamil for budding dancers, which is the Bharata’s Natya Sastra. The State Government took up the initiative of getting the scholar use his professional translations for the work of art and doled this 6000 verse text to all who would want to make the dance form as a career ahead in life. The ancient art and the texts were revived and well received across the globe and not only in India, say translations news.

The scholar is also known for his contributions to classics such as ‘Krishna Katha Sangraham’, ‘Desika Mani Satakam’ which are in Sanskrit. Tirukkural, Naaladiyar, Pathuppattu and even Ettuththogai, say translations experts. Let us not forget his contributions through translations for Silappadikaram, Tiruppavai and many more such classics. It is a miracle says professional translations experts, that most of his works have retained the essence of the original, something not noticed with translations experts these days.

Sriramadesikan undoubtedly has been conferred with the title of being the pioneer of Tamil to Sanskrit translations no doubt, since he conveys the beauty and essence without any hitches whatsoever. When the Kamba Ramayana Bala Kandam was translated into Sanksrit, he was lauded by C. Rajagoplachari. His works were even appreciated and taken well buy noted scholars in Mathura and Benares, the hub of Sanskrit learning. The appreciation for his professional translations only spoke of accolades he received for his contribution of translation ancient verses and texts from Sanskrit to Tamil, hence the scholar was right called a gem, says translation news.

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