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Praises and Accolades From Lea Saloga for the FILI Translations in NY City

Translations news experts say Lea Salonga, a Filipino actress was all praises for Dr. Jose Rizal’s El Filibusterismo”. It was the effort of the translations team that made it a success says a source and the book was launched recently in the US. She goes on to add that that essence of the translations effort was light and kept up with what was really happening in Philippines. Ninety percent and more of what the translated work through professional translations showed was very real and it seems it happened just yesterday. Even the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs press statements made it very clear that they were happy with the job done by the translations team.

Lea Salonga stated that Noli and Fili are pieces which should be read by most youngsters today and should be re read by the older generation as well, says translations news experts. The actress said this when she was in NY City touring on a concert and missed the launch of the novel. Lea add that “Harold Augenbraum’s professional translations was true to its spirit and the way the author wrote the entire volumes as well.

Lea is also known popularly across the globe as KIM, the character she plays in the world famous musical, MISS SAIGON, say translations news experts. To her name accolades, such as the Tony, Olivier, Drama Desk, Theatre World and Outer Critics have been conferred, all due to the role of MISS SAIGON she played in the famous musical, say translations news. She was in fact the first as an Asian to play Eponine and even the role of Fantine for the famous world musicals, Les Miserables, which was played at the famous BROADWAY.

“El Filibusterismo” translations are a rage across the nation and Is marketed by Penguin, the US based publishing groups, says translations news. The book was launched post professional translations this year in the month of June. DFA says, the book came out on June 16th and the launch happened in New York at the famous Philippine Center. Other translations done by Rizal would be Noli Me Tangere, and critics put it at par as best with other Penguin publications. Hence it stands at par with Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens an many more great authors known to the world.

The author according to translations news says the lack of funds delayed the publishing of the new novel. Nevertheless it was the passion of the author which got him ready and determined to finish the book he loved and wanted the world to read.

The author was born in 1861 in calamba laguna, say translations experts. He met his end on December 30th 1896 when he rebelled and sedated many while forming associations which were not legal. This was a little about who Rizal is, now so many years later, when his works are being recognized by great stars, wouldn’t we want to know when the next editions of the best works and translations of his novel would be out?

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