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O Dear Where Have I Come – Translations Confound Me

According to many translations experts we get to know that not many are fan followers of Qurratul Ain Hyder or even Saadat Hasan Manto, two well known authors in Pakistan. Most still prefer reading works and writing from Gabriel García Márquez, Orhan Pamuk or Fyodor Dostoevsky say translations news. But one still cannot deny the fact that even our sub continent writers along with others like Krishan Chander, Abdullah Hussein and Khadija Mastoor are well known for the work they have brought about to many across Asia, in the field of Urdu art and poetry.

Great literary works of art cannot be confined to any particular language, translation news says. But then we have Asif Farrukhi, a critic, publisher and writer who opines, that the prerogative lies with the readers who are few and far between, deciding what they want to enjoy while reading. Hence the confinement only extends ahead when some people around understand the works of literature written in a language they are comfortable with, for the rest it remains unknown, say translations experts.

Tilism-e-Hoshruba or Hoshruba: The Land And The Tilism for example, was a professional translations work by the mind of Musharraf Ali Farooqi. The work has been appreciated critically and in positive tones but not in the Urdu domains, since it wasn’t given its due and the importance that it needed, says the translations expert. He goes on to explain why, he says the readers wouldn’t be interested in the works of literature, hence the market isn’t too large a charge for such works these days.

People in Pakistan are not good readers or not interested in reading would sound clichéd, say translations news desks. However, if one has to ignore what the literacy levels in Pakistan is, or the school education systems, with the lack of book stores or even libraries for the public, publishers and writers who use translations services, say this is why most don’t read.

It is thus natural that people would want to buy more books, and libraries wouldn’t invest in stocking on great works of literature as well, says translations news. The ultimatum being shutting bookstores across the country since there are no profits for the books being sold, say experts.

Another school of thought with professional translations services say the internet has brought about a change to the way readers want to buy and read books. The demand and interest for paperback edition is less and hence producing more books and using professional translations these days is much more a costlier affair, ending in losses for most of the cases. More over any reputed author would look for wide readership for his or her own work in any language, but when the habits for buying and reading books have changed altogether, even the best professional translations services for the books have an ordeal to face in today’s challenging world.

Will translations of the great work of literature bring about a renaissance, we have to wait and see.

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