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No Health Care If I Don’t Understand You

Translation news says Phuong Nguyen who doesn’t speak much English died on April 1st 1995. This may not be breaking news for many, not until you get to know the reason of her death, says translations updates experts. She was admitted at the B.C hospital and after 23 days got to know that her condition was worsening, the doctors couldn’t understand her ailment since she could explain it to them verbally, for the lack of spoken English abilities and the lack of professional translations services around!!

Translations news experts say, the victim wasn’t able to communicate earlier of her critical health condition with her health care specialist because there wasn’t any translations expert around to help her do the same. Her former diagnosis when she was pregnant confirmed complications and her health care provider said it was serious since she has a mix of pregnancy and lupus disorders on her, say translations experts. All of this wasn’t communicated to the doctors who took care of Nguyen, since professional translations services weren’t available where she was admitted and hence faced the grip of death over time.

One more instance, similar to that of the above would be in the case of a fifty year old Indian senior citizen who passed away on August 20th 1986, his name was Harbhajan Singh Chattu. According to translations news we get to know the victim lost a leg and also had a case of failed kidneys all brought on by complications with the vascular nerves and which had been diagnosed simply as a pain in the back, says translations updates. There was an error on diagnosis since the patient couldn’t communicate in English and had no way to describe the pain he was going through, says professional translation experts. The physician was found negligent by the esteemed A B.C. Supreme Court Justice and the patient’s family got a compensation of $1.3 million as settlements for the wrong diagnosis and loss of Mr Chattu.

It is shocking says translations news experts, that even after cutting edge technology available today and many cases such as the above two, no one has thought of health care to have mandatory professional translations services, especially for the millions of immigrants who come to lead a better life in developed nations across the globe. Newcomers throng to the city of Hamilton and around 4000 annually come across under the refugee status and some even when they are way above their age limits as well, says translations experts.

Most medical experts say, on a daily basis, it is the children of such patients who would be translating their parents medical needs for them, especially critical medical needs, says translations updates. Most of the complexities range from pains to STD’s as well, says translations news experts. Such situations are not right and could lead to larger disastrous situations ahead and the role of being the caregiver from a father to a child could be ethically reversed in coming times. Sometimes kids have to skip school to help with professional translations and this takes a toll on them mentally as well, say translations news experts.

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