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NHS Spends A Lot On Translation Services – May We Know Why?

Translations news says that pensioners these days are demanding their rights and how. Most pensioners are fighting with the NHS who involves professional translations services and pays high amounts to translations agencies to help patients with health care needs and those who cannot speak English. It is said that around £24,000 in 2010/11 was spent by the NHS Worcestershire for patients who couldn’t understand English and yet needed health care benefits by the NHS. Most patients were from the EU dominated nations and the rest from non-EU nations.

At the meeting held at NHS Worcestershire, the above research was disclosed, says translations news when the health experts were cornered by a pensioner, Percival Owen, a septuagenarian who resides at Hookbank Park near Hanley Castle, says translations news. After tax he receives £165 as pension and hence didn’t find it reasonable enough that the NHS spent a bomb on professional translations services when the government only gave him a raise of 75p weekly per annum.

The pensioner, Mr Owen went on to ask the members of the board, why the need for more professional translations was necessary when you could have volunteers doing that for free or even half the price, says translations news. To quote Mr. Owen “Can the board consider advertising for volunteers for translation services? The increase in my pension has been, on average, 75p a week.”

Simon Hairsnape, the MD for NHS Worcestershire in his defense deemed the translations services as less of an ad hoc and more of a necessity, something which Mr. Owen disagreed with. Simon goes on to say, that professional translations rules were set by the government and not by the NHS team members per se. and to quote him, “It’s our job to make sure our providers have appropriate translations services to meet the needs of our residents and if that means supporting volunteer networks for our providers then we will do so. It’s an issue for providers themselves to make sure they have the appropriate measures in place to meet the appropriate needs of their patients.”

NHS Worcestershire could have used in house translations experts, or professional translations agencies, vendors and companies who recruit volunteers to decode languages, especially Punjabi and Polish, says translations news. But the figures given to the famous Worcester News network post the meeting with Mr. Owen, the pensioner who fought for his demands, said using highly paid professional translations services isn’t an upclimbing effort, but a rip off on the pensioners pocket. This he said with proof that the NHS Worcestershire spent around £28,163 for the need of translations in the year 2009/10, says translations news.

In conclusion to the meeting, Mr. Owen to quote him said “ In other countries there’s no monetary allowance for this. I think we’re too soft in this country.” He further says to quote him, “The answer from the board seemed to be ‘c’est la vie’. No wonder we’re going bust.” Says translations news.


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