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Newport Has a New Toy – A Slang Translator

According to the translations news desk, we get to know that the esteemed University of Wales, Newport brought out to the world, a one of a kind “app” for mobile users- The Newport Slang Translator. Most would call the app a tongue in cheek utility which would recognize phrases and words as well which most international students would come across whilst their stay in Newport, says translations news

As a user you would be allowed to look for and even browse plenty information, some information sometimes could be bizarre phrases used in Newport, with accents native to the place and funny when translations bring out the meanings in English, says translations news.

Dominic Hannigan associated with the University of Wales says if you need help understanding the Welsh or Newport slangs and Lingo per se, you need this app. If you love the episodes of the famous Gavin and Stacey and yet want to understand it more, you need this app. According to Dominic the app is humorous and funny as well, says translations news.

He further adds that to have fun with important or even phrases which are bizarre, students are using this new app which has a friendly tone and voice to it, like never before. It even comes with audio settings in the native dialect of Welsh citizens, but when the translations for the same are heard, it is all too posh and classy, says translations news. So what you have hear is a translation of welsh accents to English usage, which would entertain and even educate locals and visitors when they use it.

The app developed cozily by the university is lovingly used to promote the phrases used by Welsh citizens living around and in Newport, says translations news. South Wales valley citizens too have their phrases and information stored in this app, making it the perfect WENGLISH tool to use. Right from the basic greeting words and phrases to getting an exotic fondue set as well, the app is the best to use, says translations news. You can if you have an iPhone or an Andriod download the app and install it for free.

Yes, it has been called a tongue in cheek effort and would work across various tech platforms as well. The app nevertheless is a boon for many tourists and students who are not of Welsh descendant. It is a helping hand to those who are not natives of Newport and yet want to live life around the area without barriers in communication whatsoever, says translations news.

Translations news further says, that the university has motivated and encouraged students to bring more local phrases to them which they want to see undergoing the app’s professional translations technique. The updates for the Newport Slang Translator will always be available online on its parent site, which is

Finally, with the changes happening around, the university is making plans of bringing to its community some more “app” boons for students who are present and for those who would be joining them soon in the near future, says translations news!


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