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New translation management tool from 3M

3M Health Information Systems, the healthcare arm of 3M Inc. has released a new software app that translates ICD-9 (International Statistical Classifications of Diseases 9th edition) codes into ICD-10. These codes aid medical professionals in diagnosis and in keeping track of diseases throughout the world.  ICD-10 is the new coding standard scheduled to be implemented in US from October 2013. The software app would help healthcare organizations easily translate the ICD-9 codes used in clinical documents, contracts, reports, bills, quality guidelines etc. into ICD-10 codes.

Using advanced clinical analytics, the 3M translation management tool (TMT) is capable of analysing complex codes and translate them accurately. It uses the General Equivalence Mapping, a tool to be used like a bi-directional dictionary for translating the codes, from the Centre for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The TMT can be accessed from anywhere as a hosted solution. For more information please visit

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