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New Developments On The Anvil With Roys New Book

Translations news has always spoken and written great reviews on Arundhati Roy. The Booker Prize winner has come out with her latest work called “Broken Republic”, which was released at a recently held convocation in South India. Professional translations sources say that there are three essays which have been compiled in this work of Ms. Roy and to quote “Mr. Chidambaram’s War, Walking with the Comrades and Trickledown Revolution”,says translations news.

This was work, which was released by the esteemed Bernard D’Mello, who at present is the deputy editor of Economic and Political Weekly, says translation news. Professional translations efforts also brought out the book in Telugu and renamed “ Dhvamsamaina Swapnam” says translations news and both the English as well as the Telugu versions were released at the same occasion on the same day.

Ms. Roy talks about the way developmental models in India work, says translations news. According to the author, the citizens of India are no less than victims of political games in various walks of their lives, says translations news. At the occasion, Ms. Roy did read out a few lines from her work and commented scathingly on the same. The same here would refer to the socio political conditions in India and to quote the author, “ It is an upper-caste Hindu society at war with other communities. The rights and the fight for them by the oppressed classes go unrecognised by the government.’’ as told to translations news.

The author was quizzed by the media on the Maoists using weapons to express themselves and her answer to the same and to quote the conversation “Why do Maoists use weapons to express their protest?”, Roy said the Maoist ideology and their mode of defence needed to be looked at separately, going on hunger strike in a dense forest with no human population is ridiculous. Surrounded by innumerable CRPF personnel, whose lives are under constant threat, resort to use of weapons, she explained.” as told to translations news experts today!

Ms. Roy is famous for the Booker Prize award she received in the year 1997. The prize was given to her for her astounding writings and observance of simplicities in life through the characters explained in “God of Small Things”, which was covered by translations news then. In that book Ms. Roy very categorically spoke of a varied range of ideologies and not any one ideology in particular. She insisted on the governance ideology, so that all interests could be brought into one single shell and the community would benefit from it, says translations news.

It is a reflection of the societies in India, says D’Mello and he spoke of a society, which had many gaps that made interests of the higher classes stronger and much more wider than what the lower classes could even vouch for, says translation news.

At the convocation and the book release was present, the editor for Veekshanam, N Venugopal, who is a well known sociologist for the GHANTA CHAKRAPANU. Translations for Ms. Roy’s new book was brought out by the well known Malupu Publications, says translation news.

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