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New Age Kids Love the Modern Bible Translations

So we get to know from translations news, that the Common English Bible is a hit. We mean the new translated version and not the orthodox one, which we grew up listening to. Reasons for the same would include, easy understanding of the scriptures, the language is simple and lucid, and hence with professional translations services, it has reached the third printing edition, much to the happiness and demands of the new age modern generation, says translations news.

At present there are half a million copies of the new translations being printed which includes the New Testament as well. it was released as a paper back edition a month earlier and sources say it has been selling like hot cakes, says translations news. The sales accounted for were more than what, rather above the fifty percent mark from the earlier editions of professional translations touches it came out with, says translations news.

The reason according to Paul Franklyn who is the associate publisher of the Common English Bible and to quote him would be “the surge in interest in the CEB is due in part to recent media coverage. The New Testament edition has been out for a year. The CEB has been approved for use in classrooms at Fuller Theological Seminary in Southern California. It was given the green light for its gender-inclusive language and its accessible language”, says translations news.

What are the changes one gets to see with the Common English Bible;

The term alien would now be replaced and the term immigrant would be used.
Brother would be used either as brother or sister.
Son of Man would now be known as the HUMAN ONE.
These are the changes which have addressed gender equality and sensitiveness, says translations news. Joel M Hoffman, a PhD holder in theological linguistics and the author of “And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible’s Original Meaning”, opines that the Common English Bible now is a better version to reckon with, especially when you have new age kids who would like to attune and identify with the Word of God, says translations news.

But if you take a look at what Hoffman says in the broader sense, he still considers the term SON OF GOD to be a central grounding for Christianity at large, says translations news. According to Hoffman and to quote him “The term ‘son’ in the NT is hardly a neutral one. It is part of the trinity. And it makes possible the progression from ‘son of man’ to ‘son of God,’” as told to translations news.

The esteemed Common English Bible got developed over a time frame of forty eight months and more than a hundred and twenty professional translations experts were helping with the task, says translations news. They were even five hundred odd men and women from various Christian faiths who took the new Common English Bible out to the masses for a test run.

There were even reading groups who sat and read the new translations loud to one another and made comments wherever the meanings were awkward or not clearly understood, says translations news.


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