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Need Help with Domestic Violence Issues in a Tongue You Know

Translation news has good news for victims of domestic violence in Angola. If you or someone you know has had problems with domestic issues and that were going out of hand, you can now fight for justice. No, you don’t need to speak the language of the court judge and lawyer, for now there is translations services to help you find a way to securing freedom with dignity, says a source.

Recently, says translations news, the Law on Domestic Violence has undergone a change, clauses remaining the same, the provisions of the law would now be available in a tongue you or the victim can defend himself or herself with. Yes, you now have sex vernacular languages aided by professional translations to help you fight your case, says the Family and Women Promotion minister, Genoveva Lino.

This is much a welcomed change in the African national, where draconian laws still has a say when treating victims of domestic violence, says translations news. One can now not be all too bothered about not going and knocking the doors of the court, just because they cannot speak, read or even write the language spoken most commonly.

Even expats and foreign nationals, residing in the Angolan kingdom would now be able to access their rights and communicate as well their pleas for help in a choice of languages, thanks to the board of professional translations experts set up for the purpose, says translations news.

According to Genoveva Lino, Family and Women Promotion minister, we get to know that the participants at the campaign spoke of many victims in the past who haven’t yet received justice just because they couldn’t speak, read or even write the language spoken most commonly, but now that would be a part of history, since professional translations would help victims seek the right justice through the help of translations experts to be employed by the courts across Angola. At the campaign, one even got to know that divulgation and presentation of the law to change was most wanted in the northern parts, such as the Malanje Province, says translations news.

Genoveva goes on to add that such steps taken by the lawmakers is a boon and would help understand the plight of innocent victims of domestic violence, which means one would and can expect a decrease in such cases, since now, professional translations services would be used to understand the official language spoken in the country. No more difficulties ahead which otherwise plagued many, especially those who lived and worked in areas not urbanized by modern thoughts and technology, says translations news.

It was the acting governor of the Molinje Province, António Dias da Silva, who emphasized the need for such professional translations services to help the citizens of Angola, says translations news. The ceremony was a hit amongst one and many, and the points were explained in detail to one and all attendees who came to hear it out, says translations news.


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