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Namaste and Welcome to Indic Web – Fasten Up For We Are Taking You High

According to translation news we hereby get to know that one of the thinking companies per se in India would be Google. Amongst various multi national companies across the Indian Sub Continent, Google is one of the very few companies that has adapted its technology, services and products to that of the mindset of the common Indian Man, say translations updates.

Continuing this the corporate giant said it now was thinking of extending its professional translations services and would include five new languages from the Indian context. This as translations news says would mean, Google now has seven Indian languages for translations in its kitty. However, the markets ask, if Google would be able to get more customers and clients or even a lions share in the market by bringing in new languages?

Translations experts say yes it would, since the corporate giant has already had services in Urdu and Hindi and with this new development, one can now have professional translations for languages to be translated into Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada and even Telugu as well, says translation news. In a recent development with Google’s services with languages, the search engine’s domains would now be enlarged to cater clients in Bangladesh as well, says translation news.

Translations updates experts say after China, it is indeed India which would be taking the internet economy by storm. Google is now very excited to have more than the lions share of the market joining its businesses which are held online. Rajan Anandan, the VP for Google India, says that this would be the initial steps towards bringing out local talent and promoting growth in the Indian economy. Additionally, according to translations updates, we get to know the Google VP for India has said, that through the corporate giant, they have managed together Indian citizens closer to the internet by means of other communicative methods, such as the SMS search ways and products which cater to the local tongue as well, says translation news.

However, there are challenges for Google when it comes to doling out professional translations services. For example, the translations tool accuracy is inadvertently connected to the professional translations services it offers. Moreover, Hindi and English is widely used for searches and when such users want professional translations through Google’s services to be done, it could not match up to their expectations whatsoever. But the corporate giant is indeed positive about reforming its translations tool and makes it at par with those of Chinese and Spanish translation methods in future.

Now how many more days would it take for the corporate giant to please the common folk in the sub continent through its addition of new languages to the domain of professional translations services, is what no one is sure about, not even the VP. Work is on and in full swing to bring about the new languages to everyone and soon, we can only wait, until then depend on manual translations for all our needs!!

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