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Mobile Application to Break Language Barriers -Sounds Good Enough For Us

Holler up folks, according to translation updates here is news you can now use, using your fingertips. BMWi supports Global Innovation Series and this is a venture which enables the urban folks with solutions for mobility and progress. This is more than that and one gets to learn much more about such services through social media marketing sites, such as twitter on such services.

Translation experts says, all one needs to do is get the camera of the phone pointed to the text and the translated word would thus appear on the screen of the device on the spot, this without the need of an internet connection, great isn’t it!!

Such mobility solutions are the need of the day and the way the world would want to function with. Tourists can easily decipher street signs, catalogs, brochures etc when they find themselves in a land that doesn’t speak their language, says translation updates services.

It was only last year, says translations news that World Lens built the first prototype for the iPhone. Thanks to YouTube, the launch for World Lens was a hit and became a sensation across the internet domain, bringing in and raking in more funds for the company to develop the application further. Most were happy with it, but some were not, especially with the shortcomings with regard to translation needs, as in essence and meaning of the subject not the same when translated using such applications.

However, translation experts now say, although the application is still in its nascent stage of development, there are many who still vouch for the credibility of the software and the intent it came by into the market with. But many want more languages to be added to the device for better use ahead. This is as many from the professional translation world says is cumbersome, since it is complicated and tedious, especially for languages like Korean, Hindi, Japanese, or even Malay.

Translation news experts say, the languages would be added according to the difficulty levels and how the crowd prefers the order of languages to be installed in the device for future use. French being the most preferred of all, the developers are working round the clock to bring this language to the device as soon as possible, since it is the second most spoken language across the world, after English that is.

The developers as professional translation teams say, are working on getting this application compatible with that of an android, however, not even the translations news teams can say when it would be released, since no fixed dates have been planned accordingly.

According to various reports and media coverage we get to know promises made by Good for the applications features on getting better are being doled out. He says that the device will be up for use and says that even the iPhone 5 wouldn’t lag behind with translation needs, well GOOD for us and Good we shall wait for the new arrivals.

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