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Miss. Shrimpers Spoken To By NOAA and A Translations Expert

Translations news says that there would be a representative from the national fisheries who would be going to Mississippi for talks with the Vietnamese teams of shrimpers. The main agenda here would be to check on the kind of protection sea turtles would need, if it is adequate or not that is.

Earlier this month in Biloxi, Michael Barnette, the professional transaltions expert didn’t make an appearance. It was important he did, since more than half of the shrimpers population present at the meeting were of Vietnamese origin. A second meeting was summoned for and this time they ensured a translations expert would be present, says translations news.

Asian-Americans for Change representative, Annie Nguyen said the meeting would be held at five in the evening this Tuesday and the venue for the same would be the esteemed D’Iberville Civic Center, says translations news. She further added that every shrimper in town was invited to the meeting, irrespective of their origins being Vietnamese or not. The professional translations expert would be provided by the esteemed National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says translation news.

To save the sea turtles from extinction, anything and everything within the shrimpers domain is being used, says translations news. The shrimpers also complained and blamed the NOAA fisheries for providing false and made up data, which inadvertently blames the fishing community for killing the sea turtles and other marine life, says translations news. Nothing could be opined with conformity, not when the blame game was at its highest, says translations news. There has to be a solution and by only focusing on the problem it gets nowehere.

When translations news spoke to the shrimpers, the blame game went onto the shoulders of the BP PLC. It is because of them said the shrimpers that the sea turtles were suffering and especially along the Gulf Coast, more so after the huge oil spill. NOACC to that effect stated that the sea turtles upon being dissected showed no signs of death due to oil spills, but because of being drowned due to the trawlers used by shrimpers. Most sea turtles drowned were the Kemp Ridley sea turtle species, which traverse the length and breadth of the Golf Coasts, says translations news.

So the changes now post the meeting would be closure of many water paths to trawlers used by the shrimpers, especially where the young turtles dwell. No more using the hatches in the trawler nets, which can cause the sea turtles to drown, says translations news. Would this be enough or are their more under hands to the whole game, asks the public and the shrimpers population!!

Most environmental groups are ready to take action on a legal count against the NOAA fisheries, says translations news. This would happen sooner if the death toll of the sea turtles rise without a sign to show an increase in their population. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration translations news is watching as well!

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