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Michigan translation industry escapes recession

Qualified translators and interpreters in the state of Michigan in U.S. are having their hands full even as others are trying to cope up with recession.  Not only is their work being exported, even the state’s court and medical system is having increased need for their services as the official standards of translation are being raised. A good indication of this trend is the popularity of MiTiN (Michigan Translators / Interpreters Network) annual regional conference. 

MiTiN is scheduled hold its second conference on interpreting and translation on October 1st later this year at Novi, Michigan. The 20 years old nonprofit organization has been conducting educational seminars every month that allows industry professionals to network and acquire new skills. Some of the topics that are expected to be deliberated upon in this year’s conference include interpretation for the automobile industry, video game translation, simultaneous interpretation and translation technology. For more information please visit

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