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Learn More of What Dalai Lama Taught Now In African Lingo

According to translations news we now have the teachings of his highness Dalai Lama spread all the way to South Africa and in a language they are comfortable with as well. it was during the seventy sixth birthday of his highness which was held in Pretoria, the Tswana and Zulu versions of his teachings, through professional translations were released. There are three booklets which have the teachings of the Tibetan spiritualist leaders words and teachings in African languages, open to the public, says translations news experts.

Sonam Tenzing, Dalai Lama’s representative for the South African office was happy that she went along with the long awaited professional translations of his highnesses teachings. This meant, that more people from South Africa would be able to have spiritual awakening through the learning and teachings of the holy spiritualist leader.

Translations news experts say, that by reaching out to the masses across South Africa, it is another wish of the leader fulfilled. In South Africa, the head office functions as an agency for the exiled Central Tibetan Administration translations staff. Although they are just two of them, but the spirit and determination of the two is not deterred one bit, since they have the spirit of the African natives behind them at all times, says translations news experts.

There are eleven offices of Tibet across the globe, Pretoria being one of them, say translations news experts. It was set up in the year 1998 with the initiation of the then president of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. The 76th birthday of the Lama was flagged of singing the national anthem of Tibet and by observing silence for a minute, says translations news experts.

It was also an occasion to commemorate the thousands of Tibetans who were tortured and killed when they fought for their freedom, ever since Tibet was occupied by People’s Republic of China, in the year 1950, says translations experts.

The DA and the IFP were the only political attendees to the celebrations of the spiritualist leader, say translations news experts. Along with them, we had Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, sending his wishes and flowers since he couldn’t attend the celebrations. However, none of the politically influenced government organizations were there to celebrate the birthday of Dalai Lama. Even though the spiritualist age is seventy six, the schedule he maintains is strict and he still teaches people words of tolerance, world peace and human rights, says translations news experts. Now you can hear him in Tswana and Zulu as well.

With the holy teachings of the Dalai Lama in various African languages, it is only time now when the Tibetan spiritualist leader would be looked upon as an icon of love, peace and strength in a country where draconian laws still rule the roost, says translations news experts. Will the new books in African languages hold the nation together through great translations techniques, we can only say, time will tell!! Till then we hope the message of the Lama gets to go round and about.

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