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King James Translated Well By Shakespeare – What’s That?

Shakespeare would surely roll into a fit of laughter knowing he was ignored by professional translations, especially when the kingpin himself has composed famous works of literature for the world. Measure for measure, King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, Othello, Twelfth Night, Richard II and Macbeth, are all of his works and world renowned for the same, but Shakespeare was well put to the corner when it came to translate the BIBLE, King James version, say translations news experts.

When KJV was brought about in the year 1604, Shakespeare was in his prime, says translations news. There were rumors and news about him being the official translator for the Psalm 46, which now is nothing less than a historical gimmick, says translations experts across the globe.

For those of you who have read Psalm 46 KJV right from the start to the end, you would find the word SHAKE in it, “the mountains shake” to be precise, and when you count forty six words from behind, the word SPEARE would also be found “cutteth the speare in sunder” say, translations news experts.

Since the date of birth for Shakespeare isn’t known to the world, it is assumed his baptism took place in the year 1564 and that would mean his age would be forty six, say translations experts. As an infant he was baptized and that was around when the KJV got its publication done. With this in mind, is it safe to assume that Shakespeare, one of the noted authors for all his works in the world of English Literature has been of the minds behind professional translations for the KJV PSALM 46!!

This is a coincidence but a very tantalizing one, says translations news. But there isn’t any data on facts which would support the claim of Shakespeare being the professional translations experts behind the KJV version of the HOLY BIBLE. In fact his religious attunement to the church is what many scholars have been debating about in the past, say translations news and the debate has not ended till date. Most say Shakespeare was Roman Catholic, and some have evidence to prove the same, but not hard facts that could draw conclusions, say translations experts.

His parents were orthodox Catholics, and most of his early friends were Catholics as well. Most who support this view say, he was catholic born and raised. He also had a sister who was catholic, her name was Susanna and when he passed away, he left behind much of his property and inheritance to the Roman Catholic church as well, say translations news.

There are many who still argue about Shakespeare’s inclination to the church and especially when he quotes the Bible verses in many of his presented famous works in Literature. His marriage and his kids all belonged to the Holy Trinity church which is of the Anglican faith, says translations news, so why wasn’t Shakespeare allowed to do the much needed translations for the KJV is the question?

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