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Jinx or No Jinx POTTEKATS DESAM Has another View

According to translation updates experts we get to know that ‘Oru Desathinte Kadha’ was no available for the non malyalee reading folks for more than forty years. It has even disallowed professional translation services to be attempted on its work, in spite of it being so popular and being termed as an epic. The famous ‘Oru Desathinte Kadha’ is one of the best books that has been untouched by translations experts for a while now and many say it has secluded itself to be with the likes of Jnanpith and even the Sahitya Akademi, which are award winners in their own rights and haven’t been touched by the professional translations teams yet.

Thanks to P Radhika and Sreedevi K, with more than 5 years to their hard work on ‘Oru Desathinte Kadha’ needs for translations to “THE STORY OF A DREAM”, this project was slated to be out sometime between 2010-11 and was asked to be presented at the Translation Grant from the International Center for Writing and Translation (ICWT), University of California, Irvine, so that it could be published as a book for the masses to read and enjoy.

Every year only one single project gets the honor of being with the ICWT says translations updates, from amongst most proposals which come to them from across the corners of the globe. This is intended to help translations experts undertake professional translations of richly sourced literature from the native language and put forth them to the masses in a language understood by most, namely English.

As an associate professor of English, Sreedevi K Nair from NSS COLLEGE Neeramankara opines that, the translations happen when the world is very interested and inquisitive about cultures not well known to the real world we live in, this is why a book like DESATHINTE KADHA was successfully translated and presented to the masses, says translation updates and the professor. With all barriers on culture, language and narrations, most say the translations are original as they can be, and the same opinion comes from P Radhika as well who teaches at the Fatima Matha National College in Kollam as an associate professor of English.

P Radhika, according to translation news experts goes on to say that there are equivalents found in the linguistic domains and many words and usages found where there can be NO literal translation to entwine the genuine meanings, but the essence has not been lost and digressed upon. The moot point here is that when translations happen, the reader shouldn’t be void and lost of the cultural richness which came with the original context or else all purpose of professional translations efforts takes a beating.

This time around, $5000 would be given by the ICWT committee for the translations project to be taken and completed. The two assistant professors are now working to bring together the famous works of ‘Anthology of Indian Discourse on Translation’; the Sahitya Akademi has commissioned this and would have translations which come in more than twenty languages as well.

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