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Jesus Is Now One Of Us Thanks To The NEW BIBLE

Translations news experts say, the NEW BIBLE version which has come out to the masses, bookshelves, readers online or offline and other websites, claims Jesus to be one of us and not the “Son of Man” as we know him to be. According to the translations teams, Jesus is now known as “the Human One”.

Bob Smietana takes a look at the text, and shows some major changes which he notices in the newly published “Common English Bible”, say translations experts. The changes are evident right from the beginning, even the phrase “In the beginning” has been done away with says professional translations experts. Instead they have used “When God began to create the heavens and the earth” says translations news desk experts.

Another instance of such a major change would be seen when the word “human” is used in small letters all through the text. But this would stop when we come to Genesis 2:23, with the introduction of EVE, says professional translations experts. The text goes something like this “This one finally is bone from my bones and flesh from my flesh. She will be called a woman because from a man she was taken” say translations news experts.

The brains behind this spiky translations of the BIBLE would be protestant publishers and their denominations across the US. Translations experts also see the hands of other denominations as well, such as the esteemed “Disciples of Christ”, the esteemed “Presbyterian Church U.S.A”, the famous “Episcopal Church” as well and even the well known “United Church of Christ”. Their aim is to make the HOLY TEXT easy and much more attuned to the minds of the upcoming generation, say translations news experts.

This can only happen when a large amount is covered under the ways the BIBLE has been perceived, says sources. The significance and the meaning of the mass texts are lost in translations say translation experts. Not only have words been dropped, but the essence of the “new American bible” and the “Catholic Bible” as well, has been done away with.

There is also an inclusion of selective language and choice of words, which over rule gender biasness as and when possible, say translations news experts. Even the texts have become more politically correct and sensitive to the needs of the followers who read them. For example, the word “foreigner” is now “immigrant”.

Taking a cue from various Biblical resources, which include, KING JAMES VERSION, the English Bible, the New Revised Standard Version, the New International Version and the English Standard Version, professional translations expert, Bob Smietana takes a look at how ridiculous it would sound when such versions would be shown to the newer generations.

Question here is, would the younger generation be well versed with the real values the BIBLE would like to impart or should we use the help of professional translations to make JESUS say YO!! Just to help our kids ahead know the values and teachings of the sacred HOLY BIBLE, says translations experts.

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