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Innovation Brings New Insights When Chats Are Translated

Have you wondered if translations services could help chat enabled services perform better? Well now is your chance to learn more about this proposition. This year in the month of May, there was a need for professional translations services to be used worldwide for chat enabled services. Lionbridge came up with Geofluent, which is an application that would give you professional translations on a real time basis for IM messaging services and chat enabled services as well, says translations news.

It was out on a recent blogtalkradio show where a video was shown, says translation news. The video clearly showed the potentials of chat enabled professional translations to be very lucrative and meaningful. It also showed the world how the software application brought in more for the organization. Lionbridge joined hands with the esteemed IBM company and hence could bring out Geofluent says translations news, which is a result of this collaboration. Geofluent aids real time chat enabled technology to be used with professional translations services.

Translations news says that around 20 years or more of research and development was done for the emancipation of the software. Once it was done, Lionbridge was partnered with them to make the product for professional translations commercially viable to one and all. IBM labs were used to make the technology come to life and at first only the internal employees of IBM were allowed to use it. The software was applied on all spheres of the employee work, which included graphs, datasheets, chat and even emails as well, says translations news. Hence, it has been safe to say that all tests and proven records are in place with regard to Geofluent’s performance.

Till date professional translations was being done by Global Enterprises using manual translations experts. They used manual workforce for translations of content deemed critical and also for chat enabled services, which needed the help of translations. There are other professional translations tools, which made an entry into the worldwide market, but since they weren’t recognized or publicized well enough, they didn’t survive to make the mark.

Translations news opines that Geofluent would be the best software application to be used, since it gives the end user more than ninety percent of real time professional translations services with the essence of the original chat text being in sync. It acts as a medium between two different sources, who don’t speak the same language, yet communicate effectively using the translations tools around. One wouldn’t have to use other free translations tools, since Geofluent has a professional translations tool, which is built-in and gives you the desired results on a real time basis.

Translations news says that the results can be customized according to your business needs for a language in specification. This can be done when the chat scripts of any company, would be analyzed and the models for the same trained to perform the right translations services. Geofluent is aptly used for all languages, which form a large chunk of communication, such as Russian, Arabic and many other Asian languages as well, says translations news.


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