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Indonesia to have Korean language school

A Sejong school that teaches Hangeul, the Korean script will be opened in the Muhammadiyah University of Buton, Bau-Bau, Indonesia in September this year. This school is aimed at educating the Cia-Cia tribe who speak their own aborigine language but without script.

The Cia-Cia tribe numbering about 60,000 adopted the Hangeul, the Korean alphabet as their script only in 2007. At present primary school students use textbooks written in Korean script for learning the aborigine language. About half the students of the Muhammadiyah University are from the Cia-Cia tribe. An advertisement has been released for recruiting 2 Korean language instructors by the Kyungpook National University on behalf of the Muhammadiyah University of Buton. For more information on the subject please visit

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