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Immigration Articles in Espanola – Thank You NY TIMES

Translations news says that the NY TIMES was recently looked at with glare and inquisitive eyes for the article it came out with. The article was by Damien Cave, and it examined the reasons why there was a downfall in illegal immigration. This as many experts say was the quality of lifestyles exhibited by many Mexicans who come to the US for a better life ahead, however we don’t stop at that. The reason being, the NY TIMES has not found a lot of recognition by the media, especially when it has a noble reason to allow translations of the immigration documents and needs in ESPANOLA, as a front page news feature.

The immigration article was first published on the NY TIMES in English says translations news. It was then taken over by Reforma, which is a paper published in Mexico and with the help of professional translations spoke of the NY TIMES efforts to make the immigration articles in a native language comfortable to Mexicans in their own country. But the translation of the article had a delay or two due to lack of technical expertise, nevertheless the message was published loud and clear for one and all to read.

NY TIMES doesn’t have a wide reputation of covering news in various languages, say translations news experts. VP of NY Times, Eileen Murphy opines, the paper can now be used for more professional translations needs. This is because of the wider coverage of multi lingual audiences from various countries, not necessarily adhering to the queens tongue, English.

She goes on to say, this is an initiative and has never been attempted before by anyone in NY TIMES. In all of 160 years, says Eileen Murphy NY Times has not touched upon the need for professional translations, hence the venture is new and challenging. But this doesn’t mean the famous tabloid would steer clear of translations in future, says the VP. It is certainly a possibility to explore, and would be done with due diligence as and when the need of the subject matter would arise, says Eileen.

But is it safe to use professional translations for subjects of critical causes, such as immigration? This is a matter of professionalism says experts, a slight decree of change in translations could ruffle up feathers, especially when the essence for the same isn’t attuned to the original content, says translations news.

Damien Cave opines, professional translations needs was brought about after the Russian corruption news was translated, and which brought a lot of positive response, especially from those who never spoke English. How did they get this piece, thanks to professional translations smart efforts!!

This is a motivation, says Cave, who brought about the immigration news through translations and the main aim for the same was thus justified. Kudos to Cave and his enduring efforts, the people of Mexico now have a lot to look ahead for, and all thanks to professional translations networks, says translations news experts.

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