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How Much More to Suffer For the WORD of God

Translation news desk throws a question to the public, “how much more should one suffer for the Word of God? Isn’t it time we left behind four centuries of immense pain and suffering and come to a solution for the same?

If you take a walk down the path in between Lincoln centre and Columbus circle, you would be up front with the giant American Bible Society building. It is a landmark of architectural interests for many and most wouldn’t know that apart from being the esteemed ABS it is also known as the Museum of Biblical Art, says translations news.

MoBiA as it is known to many around, it was thrown open to the masses in the year 2005. There has been many an exhibition and some of the famous ones would be;

Biblical illustrations of Albrecht Dürer and his circle
Biblical illustrations of Marc Chagall
Altarpieces Medieval Spain
Relationship between Christian and Jewish artists during the time of the medieval Iberian kingdoms of Aragon and finally,
Biblical illustrations of Valencia and the Catalonian region
Translation news brings to you the current episode of exhibitions with MoBiA’s take on the famous “ON EAGLE’S WINGS”, adapted from “Ye have seen . . . how I bare you on eagles’ wings, and brought you unto myself.” (Exodus 19:4), which is a tribute to the KING JAMES BIBLE that got its first published entry in the year 1611 and today they celebrates its 400th anniversary. It is said that the Protestant English Bible finds its basis with the KJV and has inspired many a musician for their notes and works across the European nation, says a source.

The reason why the MoBiA exhibition is appealing is because it speaks about a wide range of subjects, right from theology to the complex professional translations efforts to maintain the essence of the Bible in its original form. There are more than fifty Bibles on display at the exhibition, rare and sought after, says translation news. Each of them run from the fifteenth century to the twenty first century and even the translations for the KJV is available at the exhibition which has documents that go way beyond our great grandfathers times, says translations news.

You would even find the most prized books amongst the exhibition of other books, such as the “Four Holy Gospels” which is a culmination of paintings and even initials all illuminated and eighty nine in total, each for the chapters of the Gospel and done well in translations by Makoto Fujimura who is of Japanese-American descent. Each of them are so alive and sparkling in their own ways, that it doesn’t seem to have lost out on its appeal, says translation news. No wonder, the ABS is choc a bloc with enthusiasts from all over the world dropping in for a peek a boo. Do drop by and check what else the exhibition holds, you never know you could find something rare as well, says translation news experts.


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