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Homeward Bound Says the Puerto Rican Author

According to translation news experts, this is what a popular Puerto Rican author has to tell us about her reasons for going back to her roots. Her penchant for Spanish and the sweetness of the language has always been there. She does this by watching sitcoms in Spanish, reading tabloids in Spanish and talking to Hispanics around. She agrees that learning and improving on Spanish causes her a lot of embarrassments, especially when it comes to the grammatical parts of it, but she gets her motivation from a little pocket dictionary she carries with her at all times. Although she isn’t able to translate in real time basis and not on literal terms, but it helps her build her vocabulary and grammatical comprehension skills in Spanish, says translation experts.
On a recent stint as she was completing the Cuando Era Puertorriqueña, she realized how unusual this book was, ever since it was first published in 1993 and that too in English, right now she speaks of the Spanish version, says translation updates. Santiago had written the book in English and had come to the US when he was in his teens, got a degree from Harvard and married and settled with an American who spoke nothing but English. Since the English version of the book was a success, the author was now approached to translate the whole book in her mother tongue, Spanish.
She thought it would be simple to do so in the beginning, but didn’t realize how daunting the road ahead would be. She says she realized how ill-versed and out of touch she had been with her mother tongue, ever since she stepped foot into USA, says translation news experts. It was no less than a shock of sorts for the author, to know that there was a major difference between spoken and written Spanish or Spanish spoken in the US and that of which is spoken in the good old Puerto Rican domains, where she spent her childhood growing up.
To make her translations of the book she wrote in English a success, Santiago says she had to battle three obstacles before penning anything down. Professional translations experts say, the author had to come to terms with the Spanish she learnt as a kid, the English she imbibed as an adult and the mix of two or SPANGLISH she crossed over with, as she crossed borders to enter USA. It was a time for the author to go back to her roots and fast, if she had to unlearn and relearn to make things work for her. This is turn says translation news services, helped the author embrace her true identity of being DUAL at some points in her life.
Sources say, Santiago was born in the year 1948 and without a golden spoon treatment lived a childhood not really meant for kids. Her father was never around to guide her and be there for her, nor was the environment in which she grew conducive to a young girls needs. But it was her mother who stood behind her daughters needs and finally decided to move of to USA. Life wasn’t easier for them once they came to the US, especially when basic amenities were not private for her family and had to be shared by strangers around. Professional translation experts say, one should read this book to know how grit and determination can change the course of anyone’s life for good.

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