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Healthcare and Translations at Alameda County Medical Campus Go Hand In Hand

Translation news has a story to tell, a story of Fam Saephan who is in her thirties and ever since she was a child has had delayed growth symptoms. Fam is taken care of by her mother, Nai Saephan, both of them understand everything around them, but cannot speak in English. Fam has been under treatment for digestive problems, seizures, skin issues and painful shoulders for more than five years now. The only way she can communicate her perils to the doctor would be with the help of professional translations experts at the Highland Hospital in Oakland. The team of translations experts works round the clock and caters to around twenty three languages at the reputed Alameda County Medical Center campuses in Oakland, Hayward, San Leandro and Newark.

The Alameda County Medical Center uses dual handset phones, machines for video conferencing and speaker phones to enable patients who don’t speak English to use their translations services to pass on vital information to hospital staff members and doctors treating them. The hospital began using professional translations through the phone method in the mid seventies, when the hospital witnessed many Asian patients knocking their doors for treatments. According to translations news we get to know that only five years back the hospital installed forty one new video monitoring devices which can serve around eight thousand and more patients every year. This is confirmed news from Sambo Ly, the manager of interpreter services. He calls it a boon, since non-English speaking natives now have better health care services, even if they don’t speak English. The esteemed California Endowment sponsored $900,000 for the machines, says translations news. Prior to the installation of the machines, one should know that the Alameda County Medical Center serviced around 35000 patients on an annual basis for professional translations services and requirements.

The reputed Alameda County Medical Center is the only hospital with such services, claims Benita McLarin who is the VP for ambulatory health care needs. She goes on to praise the services, since Alameda County is a cosmopolitan place and a melting pot of cultures, hence the services for professional translations is a sure shot welcoming effect by one and all who seek better health care services, says translations news. The need for professional translations services is undoubtedly the highest at Alameda County and most of the citizens here, don’t even understand English, let alone speak the language. Surveys show those above the age of fourteen in almost all homes know little or no English at all. Most of such homes are Spaniards and the rest being Asians and Pacific Is. immigrants, says translations news.

The Alameda County Medical Center is being used by out of county folks as well, for example people from California as well. California as a melting pot of cultures has more than half its population speaking in Spanish, which is the second most commonly spoken language and very few who speak fluent English, says translations news. Dr. Bruce Fitzgerald opines that such professional translations services are faster and much more efficient when done through video conferencing, it enables quicker and much more effective translations services.

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