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Framingham School Discrimination Cases Looked Into By Feds

Translations news experts points out discrimination which recently happened in Barbieri Elementary School. The investigation for the same is on its way and is being taken care of by the U.S. Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights. Most who are well informed of the case are being questioned about the discrimination, says translation news.

MetroWest Legal Services in Framingham has Laura Edwards who works there as a supervising attorney. According to her, the federal office has now taken the claims in its own hands when the school admitted to having none of its professional translations experts on board to help parents who speak no other language but Spanish. Alarmingly the school has no one as an interpretation or translations expert on the team of faculty members!

Barbieri Elementary School is known to be the only school offering bilingual services around town, says translations news. The number of enrollments to both, English and Spanish speaking students is equal in numbers, say translations experts. The two way instructional program is what the school uses to address students who converse, read and write well in both English and Spanish.

No one knows how the or who got the investigation precipitated, say translation news mentors. According to Barbieri PTO President Chris Pearce, the opinions thereof is that Corey Spaulding whose child studies at Barbieri is known to have sent a stinker draft to the esteemed Daily News in July 2011. This led to the filing of a compliant with the prestigious Office for Civil Rights, says translations news.

None of the calls given to office was ever returned till date and sources say, Spaulding’s whereabouts are uncertain, since no one can reach him. The Principal of Barbieri, Susan McGilvray-Rivet confirms the fact that the Office for Civil Rights did get in touch with her for the same. According to Susan, there is no merit for the allegations thrown onto the school and hence said she would comment no more on the matter, says translations news.

According to Edwards, Metro West Legal Services isn’t looking or taking over the discrimination case and goes on to say, the legalities for the investigation started sometime sixty days ago. The status then was that six months would be given for the complete inquiry to be handed over, says translations news. Most probably, as Edward says, we should look at September 2011 for the final wrap ups on the discrimination issue.

Metro West Legal Services would have a parent teacher meeting soon enough at 6 p.m, the venue being 63 Fountain St. There would be professional translations services available for the benefit of one and all. The agenda for the meeting would be to explain the situation and to conform to the fact that no one is representing anyone.

Edward thinks that the rights of the parents have been violated and this hasn’t been checked pro actively by MetroWest Legal Services. She also goes to say that the Office for Civil Rights would be checking to see if the parents of those attending the English Language Learners sessions were not given the best treatment as their counterparts at the school, says translations news.

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