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Forget the Translation Mishap – There Would Be Bilingual Benefits Now

This is what translations news has to say, there are many within the Welsh assembly who want that English and Welsh be the languages to be used officially, so that native and non-native speakers alike, including attendees and foreign nationals, know whats going on. By passing this new bill, it could thus be expected that the Welsh assembly would now have to have a scheme for bilingual languages at the house of meetings. This has not been taken in too lightly by the authorities of the assembly, says translations news.

They say that recordings from the beginning should have had both languages as a recording base and not just one, especially those that are from the Senedd Chamber, as told to translations news. The reason why professional translations services from Welsh to English were dropped is still not clear, but it happened in September 2010, says translations news. According to the “Draft Official Languages Bill”, we get to know that Welsh and English were supposed to be the main languages to use as effective communication methods, we get to know further that the treatment for both the said languages must be equal, says translations news.

With the introduction of new translations services once again at the assembly, this would open up an opportunity for immense translations services and interpretation services as well. Documents and plenary recordings can now be accessed, both in Welsh and English, says translations news. There has been available the best arrangements to get all proceedings of every recording in both languages and that would be decided upon in autumn when the session is held this year, says translations news.

According to the esteemed “Welsh Language Board”, it is the Assembly Commission which should be held responsible for the businesses that happen daily at Cardiff Bay, the business of not dropping Welsh translations for the speeches delivered by the AM, says translations news. On knowing this, the commission clearly stated that bilingual translations services for the plenary records would be now in place, something like what the Hansard enjoys.

Translations news experts say, that in July 2011, many experts from the assembly had to use Google Translate to make sense of the recordings in Welsh, plus they had to even proof read the translations done by the professional translations software on Google, to justify every word translated through this medium. Since March 2011, the bill has been making its rounds in the assembly, running through the law makers hands. Hence launching a consultation on the bill, Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler says and to quote him “The new commissioners and I are committed to providing exemplar bilingual services for the fourth assembly. I’m confident that our plans will deliver that.” He further says and to quote “This would be the first Commission-proposed Bill since the ‘yes’ vote of March 2011 and I want to encourage as many people as possible to have their say during the consultation period to help shape our proposals”, as told to translations news.


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