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Fijian Language Needs Protection

Translations news says that more than eighty five percent of the many students at Fiji National University’s Ethics class want to be recognized for the origins. But the problem here is that most of the Fijian students don’t even have control on their own native language, says professional translation experts. Even the well known FNU academic Professor Subramani opines that in this day and age, where English is considered to be hip and happening, or else you are shunned for good, Fijian students at the university are losing their touch on honing their mother tongue, which is their native language, and that too at alarming rates, as told to translations news.

FNU academic Professor Subramani has made an attempt to understand such a cause for Fijian language downfalls. According to him, he has even approached the Fijian students parents and family members and was further alarmed that most were not even well versed in their own vernacular, how then could one expect Fijian students to know their own native language all too well, says translations news.

To quote FNU academic Professor Subramani “Parents tell their children they should disregard their own vernacular because learning and speaking English will get them a good future. This is very wrong. Languages do not contradict each other, they complement each other and due to this sort of attitude the Fijian language is in great danger of loss” as told to translations news. This is sad yet true, since parents from non-english speaking nations across the world are doing this more and more, just because they feel their offspring would never have a good future if they don’t speak the queens tongue, says translation experts from the world over.

FNU academic Professor Subramani further says, professional translations as an industry in Fiji is growing and at present is humongous, but changes have made it fall downhill. To quote FNU academic Professor Subramani “We need to start this industry to protect and conserve our languages. Changes are needed soon, especially in the educational system,” as told to translations news.

But gaining and acquiring the right translations skills isn’t magical by any chance. A lot of continuous practice and upgrade on education is a must, says translations news. One should delve into the basics of the language, in this case Fijian to know what would work best to promote the language and the art of professional translations. Professor Subramani further opines, if the parents of Fijian students don’t encourage and motivate the young Fijian blood to learn its own vernacular and language, the world may soon be without a nation so deep rooted and strong in its own culture and history.

Translations news experts opine what Professor Subramani says is completely correct and no doubts about it. Translations and interpretation allows people who speak different tongues effectively communicate with one another. When you have an interpreter around, translations of spoken and written words across various languages is a possibility, says translations news. In an era of diversity and globalization, there is an immense need for professional translation services and even translations experts. The evolution of such services is only going uphill and changing to suit the needs of a globalised world, says translations news.


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