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Facebook Now Has Version 2.2 for the Cloud Application

Thanks to translations experts such as Translation Services USA, you now have an application on your favorite social networking site which allows freelancers to use professional translations services for all their projects and that too on a real time basis. All one needs to do now is open a Facebook account for the same and check with the latest Translation Cloud application to helpn with all their projects, says translations news.

Alongside Ackuna, professional translations application, such as TRANSLATION CLOUD was created. With the aim of helping the masses on professional translations services and also to help budding translations experts earn a quick buck as well. All of this would b through Translation Cloud which works under Ackuna.

None of the work for professional translations is done offline, it would be done online with translations services through Translation Cloud application through Facebook accounts held by the end user. Once the signing up with Translation Cloud is done through the social media site, an applicant can then use the application for making short translations on various subjects and texts and that too in the language pair they choose to work with. The user would only earn US DOLLARS if the translations happen correctly and with satisfaction. The money would be transferred directly to the translators PAYPAL account which would be declares when they sign up with this application.

Once professional translations task has been done, there would be three further rounds till the end work is deemed fit for use and would then be kept in the kitty of correct transaltions for future use. If you check the latest version of the application, there are graphics and other user friendly interfaces to play around with, such as the Translation Rank to name one of them. The Translation Rank as translation news updates say is used for performance and numerical evaluation and ranking whatsoever.

If the ranking level isn’t achieved by a certain professional translations expert, they would be put into the Cheating Translators “Translator Blacklist” section. The reason being, quality and no scam proposals is what Translation Cloud believes strictly in and deals with. This also allows real and genuine professional translations budding experts to work and earn the right way, say translations experts.

The founder of the application, Translation Cloud, Mr. Alex Buran opines, when you work legally you get paid well and he wanted to help budding translators have access to real time translation jobs and not be scammed like many who fall for fake professional translation jobs available online.

Translations updates say that Translation Cloud is successful and in a big way with freelancers online ever since it was out to the masses in February 2011. With more than four thousand registrations till date and over a hundred projects legitimately completed, the journey towards successful professional translations has just begun.

The next time aim for the sky rather the Translation Cloud for all your translation needs, says translation experts with Ackuna, USA.

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